Monday, December 1, 2014

Sayings that hit the spot…..

I recently stumbled on to two sayings that I hadn't heard before, but they really made think, and I feel at ease with their punchy to the point kind of way…..….

So the first one was,

'Beauty and Ugliness.'

I have this is SPADES……the ugliness that has intruded into my life, and has altered and changed so VERY much and has bought so many changes. I have lost so much, but it has also allowed me to have the BEAUTY of time with my boy, and my growing, ever changing family. And I'm here.

The second one was,

'A strong back, and a soft front.'

Oh to master this one……well, I think my back is pretty strong, but it could be stronger still, and to have a soft front would, I think make you approachable. And again, I'm not too bad here (you have to ask my family for confirmation of this, or otherwise here….) but I could be better! The right combination here is essential! Can you imagine the potential mess right there, just waiting for you to cock up. Ugh, the beauty of having a family, or people in your life……you never stop learning.

And I guess that's the thing….you can always learn. You can always teach. But you never stand still. You know stuff, but you don't know it all. Never will. Understand that, and life will be peachy.