Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Third time lucky......

Do you know what? I've written a blog post twice now, and despite saving them as I go along, they've only bloody disappeared. The fact that I haven't launched my phone out the window, is proof that my patience is improving.

This Saturday, we have a pass to go out to play from our resident daughter. She's saving her pennies, for her girls holiday to Ibiza. We are heading to our friends, who have a new baby. I say new, he is compared to antique me, and he's been hanging around for one year now. So it'll be good to meet him. I would have more babies, but my husband says NO! And as I need his input, so to speak, I guess that's a no then.
There will be another couple there......BREWLIA! I love them dearly, so all in all, it'll be a good evening. I just need to find something to wear. So far, I've settled on flip flops. Well, you've got to start somewhere......
At the moment I can hear The Little Man practicing his negotiating skills re eating dinner in front of the TV. The Good Man isn't budging, which is causing distress, and sees The Little Man escaping to the garden. And now The Little Man is declaring that the dinner he chose is so yucky. The Good Man won that battle and he lives to fight another day/dinner/teeth brushing/bedtime. Endless entertainment, courtesy of our very own pint sized warrior. I hope he maintains his determined streak. Our job is helping him to channel it and to use it for good, and not evil.  

I need a shower as my hair is doing something quite spectacular, and I have toothpaste down one tit. So, I'll love you and leave you.....

Until next time peeps. Xx 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Party number 2......

Yesterday I got the opportunity to sit and think how my life was working out. The fact that the opportunity had come about, because I had slid down to the floor, whilst attempting to transfer from my wheelchair to the bed, was not forgotten, and I awarded myself a fat thumbs down. I love my home, but sitting/lying on the floor really wasn't the way to appreciate it. Two hours later, I'm off the floor, and in bed, which has superior comfort levels to being on the floor.

Yesterday, we also had the little man's very best friend, and his brother and parents call in. The best friend renamed our dog.......Badger to Kennybadger. Ok, fair enough. Believe it or not, Kennybadger becomes quite catchy........

Tomorrow, actually today (it's 3 am)is the little man's birthday. And party number 2. It's a family one tomorrow, as 3 out of 4 sisters couldn't make party number 1. So, they'll be here, along with my mum, bearing chocolate cake. He has chocolate cereal and chocolate milkshake to start the day. So I think that throughout the day,  brushing his teeth will also be a feature of his birthday.

Later that same day (9am) and all the presents have been opened and assembled. My handsome hero husband, and his even more handsome side kick, have gone to get my wheelchair wheel fixed, and to get some icecream. Whilst they're doing that, my plan was to have a shower and get ready, but as I need my wheelchair to do that, I'm back in bed, duvet over my head, and signing out for a couple of hours.

I just hope I don't need the loo.

Enjoy the bank holiday, English peeps, and everyone else, enjoy your Monday.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Summer has arrived!! I'm hoping it sticks around for more than a day......but as this is England........
Right! That's enough weather chit chat.

In other boy turns four this weekend! And then starts school a week later. Apparently, there is a glut of August babies starting school this year. He is so ready for know the signs......pushing all the boundaries, acting invincible, ignoring the rules of the house, y know, like NO HITTING. Including hitting the dog.......'he WILL bite you, and it'll be your fault for hurting him!' Actually, Badger would UNLIKELY (never say never) bite, but don't tell the little man that. Badger prefers to retreat out of the way. Usually to my bed, or down the side of my bed.

So, today The Good Man's uncle arrived to stay for five days. He is a lovely man, with his south London accent, and garden knowledge. There are plenty of little excursions we can take him on around here, mostly revolving around walks and tea rooms, I realised today.....he'll be driving home feeling a bit fatter.

We have people popping in over the weekend, and a little party Saturday lunchtime. Thing is, when you have a big family, like I do, a get together with EVERYONE, is almost impossible. Everybody being free at the same time? Well, it just doesn't happen. The little man's best friends will be here, and luckily all the boys will kind of entertain themselves. With help from a football, scooters and water pistols. Dread to think what they will look like, come home time. Maybe we'll just pop to the park with ice creams. Yeah, that sounds more civilised.

I'll let you know how it goes, how many days we have an open house for, for different people to drop in.

Ugh! I'm back again, unable to sleep. Getting dive bombed by some bug that got stuck in my hair didn't help. I've done a bit of Internet browsing, and I can say, the fashion world has gone a bit nuts. Looking at bikinis, the briefs are either so tiny, that you better not have pubic hair. OR, the briefs are anything but, and you could get a full on 70's bush in them. And what's with all the 'caged' footwear, with heels of every height? And you can even get tassels on them. I'm sticking to flip flops and converse.

Night. See you tomorrow. Xx

Friday, August 19, 2016

Still paying for it.......

Ok, so it's late Wednesday as I write this, and that's four whole days after the wedding. I know I said in my last blog that there's both bad and good knackered, and whilst this started out as good knackered, it's morphed into bad. There's only so much I can take of feeling floored/flawed (take your pick.......both words work for me). And to really rub rock salt hard into the wounds, we had friends round tonight. Tonight's knackeredness comes courtesy of a shower I had before our friends arrived. I should have forgotten about having a shower, and greeted them with matted hair and a pungent aroma, and been the happy hostess. But no. I was in bed. Put there physically by the good man. I love my bed, and my whole bedroom, thank heavens, as we spend so much time together. But my love for my bedroom, and everything in it, may come under threat, if we spend too much time together.
Still, I'm going out tomorrow WHOOP WHOOP!! To wheelchair services. Oh :( Not exactly a thrilling trip. But saying that, I'm forever grateful that services like this exist. Well, saying that, where I used to live, this service was severely lacking. The woman that phoned me from there, sounded pissed off from the start. I think she may have been playing Spastic Top Trumps with her colleagues, and when I said I could sit up unaided, I think she lost her card to a rival. I did remind her that I couldn't walk and that was the reason for my need for a wheelchair. Anyway, she gave me an appointment MONTHS away, and in that time I'd sourced a wheelchair supplier, visited them, put in my order, waited for it to be made, went and collected it. MONTHS before my appointment with them. So yeah, this area wins hands down AGAIN!
Damn it! Handsome hero husband said it's next week we go to wheelchair I've gone from feeling a bit grumpy, that I don't get to go out much, except for medical stuff, to NOOOOOOOO!! Not another week! Well, that confusion has got me looking forward to it at least!

My friend is here tomorrow. Glad I don't have to cancel on her, due to ⬆️. The question is.......what shall we do? And where shall we go?! Turns out we just chatted and drank tea......

It's Friday now, and it is pouring down! As a wheelchair user, this is BAD NEWS, on several fronts...

1. As both hands are busy propelling myself, I can't hold a brolly.

2. The metal bit on the wheels that I propel myself by, is also wet, and dead slippy.

3. My lap gets SOAKED!

So yeah, rain and wheelchairs do not go together at all well. I also received some flip flops in the post today, and they also don't go with the weather either. But they, and converse, continue to be my footwear of choice, whatever the weather, until winter hits. They last for YEARS! Especially when you don't do any walking in them!

Right. I'm going now, as I've turned into the most boring person, chatting about the weather. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Can't stop the feeling.......

Thanks to Badger dog, my lounge window is now clean, as I had to clean his dog snot off it. Nice. To be fair to him, he does a stirling job protecting us all from the neighbourhood cats. A dodgy start to what promises to be a great weekend. Especially if you also include a six hour trip to the Lake District. The traffic was CRAZY! But anyway, we're here now at centre parcs, and it's lush. Things that have been adapted or made disabled friendly can often look a bit 'budget' with it often screaming in your face. It's like all the design effort has been used up, and there's only the scrag ends left, that no one else wants. But not here. I would happily live here. It's just so easy. Open plan and hard floors make it so easy to get around. For both me and The Little Man, who's taken to riding his scooter around indoors.

Anyway, the reason for our trip, was because of a family wedding. I love big family gatherings.......having everyone all in one place is just fantastic. My family alone measures 8 plus 3 of the girls boyfriends (which includes 1 fiancé, 1 co-habiter and 1 university, rarely here, travelling boy.)

Secret plans and clever tricks (thanks Mr Dahl) were carried out by all the guests, to surprise the bride and groom with a flash mob dance. I gave it my best shot, but really, being in a wheelchair meant I was just waving my arms around with the odd clap. The music was Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop The Feeling and will forever more be burnt into my brain. I'll probably be found aged 80, still waving my arms around, whenever I'm in a the supermarket, in a hospital, at an airport.
Congratulations to my sister for organising us all. It really was awesome!

I think my soul is carrying around two buckets. One bucket is where I get to dump all the crap and unhappy feelings. The other bucket is for all the good and happy stuff. Throughout yesterday, my happy bucket received a serious amount of the good stuff. Today I'm feeling a bit broken. But there's bad broken and happy broken. It's definitely the latter. I just need a sleep, and that will reset me.

Before I go, I'll just say.....
Lauren and Tom, An excellent start to married life, and I hope it continues to be excellent, now and always! Big love to you both! Xx

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunny days......

It's Friday morning and the boys are out to play. When they left I was having 1:1 time, with my bed. But then, I managed to stir myself enough to leave my pit. I put washing on, sort the dishes, had breakfast, and other various bits of household management. As I'm crawling back into The Greatest Bed There Ever Was, I notice what looks like blotches of tomato sauce on my bedding. What? How? Why AND Who? But realising I'm dead on my feet, I decide I can live/sleep with it, and I add stripping the bed to my list of things to do in part two of my day.
And that's how I generally get through my day, when work or nursery comes calling for my other housemates/family members. Crushing loneliness is easier to handle, if the day is broken up into chewable, manageable pieces.

And now we are done and dusted with Saturday, a sunny day spent at no.3's house. An impromptu bar-b-cue was had, and plant buying, and planting plans made. But not without my now least favourite child saying, 'oh bless you mum, you've got to that age!' And this was because I knew the names of 3 plants, and suggested we go to a garden centre, so we can plant up a vacant border. And I pulled up a dead plant, and saved a crocosmia (?spelling) from being choked to death by bind weed. Ah now I write down, I can see she had a point....

And, as if I needed further confirmation that I've reached that age......OLD.....we get home to find a visitor. That is, a friend of no4's, who's now at uni, BUT I'VE KNOWN YOU SINCE YOU WERE 4!!
Still, I had it coming I suppose. I delivered a baby once, and said in my head but accidentally out loud, 'when this baby's my age, I'll be 72. A passing midwife heard me, and said, 'And I'll be dead.'

So yeah, fast forward to Sunday.....eleven people in our house, and one dog. Please don't tell the Good Man that I said he was right, we need not have tidied before people was not worth it! Still, all quiet now, order restored. Water fights over. Mountains of dishes done.

Anyhoo......back to old lady thinking......I seriously cannot wait to get the turf laid! And the border planted, and the patio laid! The house is done, and that will complete the garden. Job done.

And I can't wait!!