Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fat to Fit? Here's hoping......

Anyway.......someone, an anonymous someone, sent me a beautiful bouquet! And as they are anonymous, I've been unable to say thank you personally. I asked the florist to pass on my thanks, which is better than nothing, but still, WHO ARE YOU? So, just in case the mystery person reads my words, I'll say a BIG THANK YOU!! THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!! You made me very confused, but happy. A weird combination of emotions.

The weather continues to be's all water fights and ice creams here. Did you see about water fight craziness in a London's Hyde Park? The police had to be called. Ours aren't THAT enthusiastic, but I can see how they'd get out of hand. Which the Hyde Park water fight did. No one gets stabbed or arrested at our water fights.

Our garden continues to not be beautiful. And another day has been spent watching the good man chip away. IT WILL be lovely.....just give us a minute. It's not vast, by any means, and that's ok. Better than ok really. The smaller the dust bowl the better at this stage.
And still, the little man finds that clothes are surplus to his needs. I hope this trend doesn't carry on when he starts school. Still, at least he'll be able to get undressed for P.E on his own.

I tell you something for nothing. I have two photos of olden days me, up in the bedroom (for inspiration)and whilst I didn't realise it at the time, my figure was amazing. And it was post three children. So, to olden days me, I say.......don't moan, as long as it works, it's fine. And if your body works there will always be something you can do. Even me. My arms work, so I could opt to use the wheelchair as much as possible. Sometimes I use the scooter when I don't really need to. And that's just lazy. And sometimes I use the wheelchair when the wise choice would've been the scooter, and I nearly kill my husband as I need his help to get up a steep hill. And sometimes we are just thick. Car to me, not me to car.

Welcome to operation Fat to Fit.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


So, joy of joys, it's Sunday, and so far this last week, I haven't had to go to hospital! Hurrah! I've ordered garden furniture, and put the shout out for turfing to be done........the garden is  a bit like a dust bowl at the moment......
The bruise on the back of my hand has almost vanished and my feet are  SLOWLY, so bloody slowly, retuning to a normal size! For one horrific moment, I thought I was morphing into a lady with a housecoat, curlers and slippers. Some things you just can't style out.
It's 7pm and the boys are in bed, and I am too. The Good Man is out with his/my/our dog. He's really caught the sun (that'll be the plastic Italian in him ) and he looks really quite nice. Don't mind if I do......

At some point, we will have a house warming party, but preferably when the garden has been transformed from a dusty hell hole, into a thing of beauty, with grass, plants and some seating. I really can't wait!

Within the last wee while, it's all gone a bit mental in Europe.....Paris, Nice, a machete attack, Munich. Made all the more mental, when no one can answer 'Why?' People may have answers for WHY, but nothing, anyone can say, will make me say, oh, right, yeah, that makes sense. Because it doesn't make sense. And never will. We need to treat ourselves well, and other people too. Not always easy, especially if someone has been an absolute dick. We can but try, and sometimes that's all you've got. And it's better than nothing.

So, yeah, this comes as plea, to treat those around you well. And if someone doesn't treat you well, leave. If someone treats you badly, they will continue to do so, until you leave. What are you waiting for??

People and planting. They both need your time, and your care, to be the best they can be. Simple, really. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The drugs do work. And I'm feeling the love......

Today is my last dose of intravenous steroids. I can already feel them working in little's easier to transfer from, and into my wheelchair, my face is a startling red and SO warm, and I went to the supermarket at something like 9 o clock last night on my scooter, and dropped flowers off to a friend. Which sounds a bit more normal than what I actually did. A while ago my scooter sank on her gravel driveway, and not wishing to repeat that bit of strandedness, I just chucked the roses onto her driveway, and text her that there was something I'd left/chucked just inside her gate. Anyway, I received a message of thanks and confirmation that they had survived and were now sitting pretty.

And it's 2.30am, and sleep evades me. A fact that will no doubt thrill me, when I'm up at 7am. I need my beauty sleep these days, and 4 hours doesn't cut it.

The weather here has been glorious, so much so that the little man strips off as soon as he's home. He can't get enough of the outside tap and a bucket, and standing in it. I heard the Good Man discussing the early mathematics of sinking and floating, more than and less than, and estimating how many cups will be needed to fill up Badgers water bowl. So it was not surprising that yesterday I read in the little mans report from nursery that he's ahead in maths. Which is a bit of a relief as he will be four plus a couple of days when he starts school this year. But realistically, he'll probably handle it better than his dad and I. Actually, just his dad. I'm slightly more hardcore.

I can't express how happy I am that today the cannula will be removed from the back of my hand. I look like that funny twat, Keith Lemon, with it all bandaged up. And as I self proppel myself, it gets really grubby. So yeah, small price to pay for feeling better, but I won't miss it.

As is the way, you generally get chatting with other people at steroid days, and I left with a heavier friend quota. I had time to kill whilst I waited for the good man to do his appointments. Starbucks provided me with a caramel frappachino, whsmiths provided me with books, and another shop provided me with presents for the little mans key worker at nursery.

I realise that I haven't shared any photos for ages, and now I can't remember how to do it. I am so frustrating! I wanted to share a photo of me and my youngest girl, who has appointed herself as my personal entertainments officer. She wants us to do something together everyday. And we have! Although not today. But through the medium that is babysitting, she enabled me to go to the shop. This also enabled her to give me a list of acceptable gifts, that she would be happy to receive. Any clothing. Hippyish style. I forgot the hippyish bit, and came back with a black denim mini skirt. The jury is still out on if it will be accepted. Or exchanged.

Oh well. Can't win them all.

But scrap that, because I do feel like a winner, due to a lovely lovely bouquet of flowers I received today, complete with note, but NO NAME!!!! So, if the sender also reads my words, to you I send a HUGE HUG, BIG LOVE, and as I could work my way through a list of friends that may be guilty, it was pointed out that I had a lot of friends :) I may have lost some, but I've gained more, and existing ones are deeper under my skin. So, thank you for making me realise that, and thank you once again. I LOVE THEM, you chose excellently❤️😍

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hands off the NHS! Without it, I'd be screwed!

At last the sun has arrived!! Yesterday was spent at a park to celebrate the birthday of the newest family member. Three hours in the sun and I have a t shirt tan to be proud of. AND, due to the curse of sitting down all the time, brown thighs, but just the front/top.

I have also had a couple of stays in hospital. I went by ambulance both times, and one of these trips I had no recollection of. So that was crazy. As was one patient shooting another in A&E. Who takes a gun with them to A&E?? Anyway, armed police were milling around, and their presence was comforting/easy on the eye. I now also have to have an MMR booster injection, as one person in A&E had measles.

Luckily, both stays were brief, so I can turn my attention to the garden. It looks a bit shite at the moment, but it won't take too long to get it round. Easy for me to say this, as I won't be the one laying slabs and planting......

Also, daughter number four, has made it her mission to do something with me every day. Yesterday was day four, and so far we've cooked dinner together, sat in the garden, been to the park and to the shop. And she's painted my nails too! I always feel a bit more done/ready for anything, when my nails are done. I know it's silly, but there's a reason why it's a consistently growing industry!

I've just had a call from the hospital saying I NEEEEED to go in for three days on the trot, for IV steroids, as MRI shows I'm relapsing.....weird one this. It's good to have the fact I feel shite validated, but it also makes me mad.'Oh will you just please fuck off MS? I am not your play ground!'

But at least it gives the hospital a chance to shine, and shine it did!