Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Choices and their consequences….

You know how people surprise you sometimes? Well, yeah, that happened today. And it was my husband that surprised me……

We had just parked up at a retail park, and as my husband got my wheelchair assembled, I was watching an altercation between two men, one being a security guard from the shop we were outside of, and one other man who was acting a little shifty. The younger, shifty one was reluctantly opening his bag, and trying to make a bid for freedom. The older man (the security guard) kept side-stepping and blocking the younger man. I kept the windows and doors closed so the little man didn't have to listen to the choice language. And then, in the blink of an eye it all changed…..the young man I was watching, decided to make a bolt for it, and my husband got in his way and body blocked him. And before I knew it, there were three men restraining the younger man. Who despite being built like a whippet, was putting up a good fight. 

Luckily, the Good Man had done restraint courses in the past, and so that poor lad was going nowhere. Well, not until the police arrived anyway….

And this got me thinking……we are all responsible for our choices, and we have to live with the consequences, be they good, or be they bad. My husband is a bit more of a hippy, and despite getting a fat lip from the little shyte, he was hoping the lad was going to be ok. I was hoping that the lad would learn from this. However, I suspect he won't. I think he may blame anyone else, but himself. If what he was shouting passers by is anything to go by…...

So, back to the festive season……I really can't believe it's nearly Christmas! Despite having a tree in my lounge, and loads of cards about the place, I'm just not getting a Christmas vibe. Maybe when I've done my wrapping whilst listening to a Christmas CD, and drank more Baileys…..

Also, this year we are putting together some essential bits and bobs to pass on to a homeless person. I can't imagine how living like this this would be. At the moment, it's cold, it's dark more than it's light, and more often than not, pissing it down. So, with a roof over my head, and food in the cupboard, I feel pretty blessed.

I doubt I'll write again before the big day…….so, may I wish you all a