Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Every now and then, I get frustrated at the hand life has dealt me. But also, every now and then, people pop up like glowing beacons and I am grateful to them.

The first up to get my thanks is Danielle Sheypuk and Carrie Hammer. Carrie is a fashion designer who wanted to use role models in her shows. Danielle has a Phd and is a practicing psychologist. She earns her money, and wants to spend it too. She enjoys fashion, and like she said, disabled people wear clothes too. And she has cerebral palsy, and is a wheelchair user.

It makes financial sense, that if you sell a product, to appeal to as big an audience as possible. Businesses have been tapping into the pink pound and the grey pound for a wee while now. It makes financial sense to tap into the *disabled pound too. However, I go to the shops, and it's rare that I see other wheelchair users. And it's not because we don't exist, or need stuff. I believe, and through experience too, that places aren't particularly accessible. Even new places. I bet you some person in a hard hat had made a decision about what would work, without EVER getting in a wheelchair and trying it for themselves. If you're going to drop a kerb, drop it so it's flat!

My second thanks go to Francesca Martinez. She is a comedian, actress and campaigner. She also has cerebral palsy. I like what she says, and you too can read it here.....please do.....

To the unknown person that gave me the present of books.....I'm getting to them I promise you, and I can't wait! I am a slow reader these days and I'm still working through, and enjoying, The Casual Vacancy. You have probably given me a years worth of reading, and the pile is patiently waiting, and your card is permanently displayed too, and these things still make me smile.

*I have a problem with the word disabled. All words pre fixed with dis signify being without. In this case, without being abled. I have difficulties, yes, and things are different now, BUT I am NOT without ability.

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