Saturday, March 26, 2016

Back in the day…….

Comparing my back in the day days, to these new days, you could say my new life is now unrecognisable. As the one who rarely drank, I was generally the designated driver. Now I rarely go out, as I need to be picked up, dropped off and then collected later. And this has seen my life get so much smaller. I don't really miss going out, but I do miss being part of something bigger than me. I miss my friends. I miss being a friend. And I miss laughing so much, that my face aches, and I'm gasping for breath.

But on the plus side, I get to spend time with The Good Man, and The Little man. Plus, I know all of the characters in Peppa Pig, including their names. And I am now a Lego builder. At present, I might just be an apprentice, but the opportunity to become a Master Builder, is something that I aspire to. And we all need a dream……

What I dream of now, is a house where I can freely come and go without anyone's help. Every time I pull myself up the stairs, with The Good Man working my legs for me (a bit like a puppet master) I think that's one day closer to never having to DO THIS AGAIN!!! I have a handrail either side of the stairs. Think parallel but diagonal monkey bars…….

Anyway, the wallpaper has been chosen, for the walls that are just sprouting out of the ground, as have the tiles for the wheelchair friendly en-suite. Now, apparently, I'm supposed to have a shower wheelchair. But as I'm yet to find one that doesn't look like a white plastic garden chair on roller skates, and that doesn't require someone to push you in to the shower, and pull you out again, I went on a search for something that didn't make me scream, or my eyes bleed. And TAA DAA, I found just the right one….wooden and attractive. Not quite perfect, as they are more expensive than the plastic offerings, and there aren't as many to choose from. I haven't found THE ONE yet…..but I will…..

At the moment, it's due to be ready by the end of May. And I really can't wait! Watch this space!!


                                                                    Work in progress.


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