Friday, October 21, 2016

Pros and cons.

Today I found myself on my arse. Again. I was alone in the house. Again. Being alone and on my arse seem to be connected. As some point of being alone, I think I must fling myself about, and mis judge the landing part of transferring. My spatial awareness must be off, or maybe I should wear my glasses. And when The Good Man  returned (looking lush with his haircut) I got to experience how his hoist homework, was paying off. Both he and I were more comfortable. And it turns out the physio, the expert, had got it all about face. Sometimes it pays off to be your own expert. So, using it correctly was a bloody breeze! And  I declare it a success. Anyway, I had taken the opportunity, whilst on my arse, to clear the space under the bed of my shoes, as our new bed has arrived.  And my daughter, queen of flat pack, a skill she inherited from me, is coming over tomorrow to tackle/assemble it.

And I had completely forgotten that I'm out on Monday with friends. Luckily, I was reminded by one of them. Although, my no cake stance was rejected.... I'm going to have to be strong.....hhmmm, we'll see how that pans out.....

Also, my new chair will be accompanying me. I picked it up yesterday and it's a bit of a beast.

•It's so damn comfy.
•It folds down really well.
•The self propelling bit has a rubbery easy grip surface, even in the rain, and won't get cold like the metal one on my old chair.
•It has a finger guard.
•The seat cover is removable, washable AND tumble dryable.
•It has an adjustable back.
•Accepting it put me in the system.
•The arm rests are like a thick spongy rubber that won't get cracks or holes.
•The brakes can easily be flipped out the way, so don't stab you in the leg, when transferring.
•It has Anti tip bars!
•It was FREE!!

•It's so wide, and that makes self propelling difficult.
•The fingerguard is plastic, grey and ugly.
•Additional seat covers are £75. £75!!!
•The back can't be adjusted by me, when I'm in the wheelchair.
•The turning circle is huge.
•It really struggles on carpet.
•I had no say about it. Get what you're given kind of thing.
•The arm rests are too low, and can only be adjusted by someone not in the chair. i.e. Not me.
•As there are things about it, that needs someone else to help me adjust, my independence has taken a bit of a clip on the wings. UGH and BAH etc

So, Pros V's Cons are pretty even....part love part hate......
What to do? If I keep it, I'm in the system. But do I want to be in the system? Dunno. I know it makes sense but fuck, my home, my precious sanctuary is under threat, as it houses 1 scooter, 1 hoist and 2 wheelchairs. You might not think that's much to have in your house, but now think where you'd put them in your house.

Today's list of thanks goes to family, friends, the NHS and YouTube.

Enjoy your weekend.

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