Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Obama=Yes Trump=No

So, 2.30am here, and obviously I'm not asleep. I've just been for a wee AGAIN, only this time, I had to wake The Good Man, and ask him to accompany me, like the grown up I am. The reason for needing his help, was because my legs are failing me. They failed me a long time time ago, with regards to walking but now they're failing me when it comes to the twenty seconds worth of standing, needed for transferring. My arms, and hands, keen to join in, keep dropping things. And it's all a bit shit. However, my friend gave me some jewellery that she needs fixing, so my hands will get a bit of a workout......silver v's pliers. My silversmithing kit needs an airing, and I'm actually looking forward to sorting her necklace. First things first though. My tool box is either a,in the loft (I pity the person who decided to put it there......DO NOT PUT MY THINGS OUT OF MY REACH. Or b, it's in the shed. Newly laid turf and a wheelchair go together like mustard and ice cream. The grass is safe though, as I can't get on it, or to the shed. AGAIN, DO NOT PUT MY THINGS OUT OF MY REACH. The Good Man is just that, a good man, so I know he would not have meant to upset me, but AAARRRRGGGHH, and deep cleansing breath. My tool box will have to live under the bed. I will have to make room somehow......which is probably why it ended up in the shed/loft in the first place.

This evening I watched Barrack Obama giving out awards and all I could think was how do you go from Obama to Trump?? That is not a straight line connecting those dots. So what I reckon is that Trump will realise quite quickly that he's out of his depth, and not do a full term, OR he'll get assassinated. Whatever, he's going to undo an awful lot of good work by Obama. TWAT. 

All The Little Man wants for Christmas is a Batman helicopter boat. I don't know if this exists or not or if it's just a combination of things that he feels Batman would appreciate. Thankfully, I have time to explore all things Batman. I shall report back my findings. His big sister got so frustrated with me one yeaone year. All she wanted was a superpamplayban. And I didn't understand what she was saying, which didn't help her frustration. Or mine. Several weeks later, with the help of a tv advert, I realised she was saying Super Pound Play Van. Obviously. And TAA DAA! I got the last one in Toys R Us, and I felt victorious and triumphant, and basically so fucking happy!! Happy Christmas to me!! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to use the C word. Not yet anyway.

My husband just returned from the shop, with two advent calendars. I was alerted that he'd returned, when my 19 year old daughter was having a strop. 'WHY HAVENT I GOT ONE? I WANT ONE!'
Yes but you're 19. But thinking about it, I'D like one. So I'll be going shopping for advent calendars then.....

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