Saturday, April 1, 2017

My poor wee head is frazzled from thinking about what to write. So far.....nada. My friend is over tomorrow, and I'm hoping she can take me to get a laundry bin. Because I'm that exciting. And some plants for the garden. Because I'm that old. Anyway, my friend has been in Los Angeles since she was last that will give us something to talk about. At great length. And the Good Man is getting the Little Man from school! So I've got ALL DAY!! Which is good as I can't shop under pressure. And there's serious consideration when undertaking a task of this magnitude. Ooh and I wanted to get some plants too. See? I've got to THAT age. Next stop. Betterware catalogue. I used to have fun with the catalogue. I'd cut it up and rearrange with my own description for the neck massager that was clearly a vibrator. Toilet bowl light. Which could be quite handy, if you live with a toddler or a drunkard. My friends boyfriend would pee on her clothes in the wardrobe, (mistaking it for the toilet) They're not together anymore.
It's the next day, and I didn't buy any plants. So maybe I'm not THAT old! Who am I kidding? I'm planning another outing.......
Anyway, it's two days later, and I still haven't got any plants, and the laundry bin task has been hijacked by daughter no.3, as she is determined to get a cheap but decent one. So can you imagine the inevitable excitement, whilst waiting for the laundry bin to arrive? Because so far, I feel robbed of ten whole English pounds, that I handed over happily to no3.
Today the Good Man is taking the Little Man to a party and a new ice cream parlour in town. Meanwhile, I'm in bed playing host to the unreasonable ARSEHOLE, that is MS.

I am fed up of missing out. I don't want this life. I just want to be able to walk. I know the score, I can  want all I want. MS does not respond to the screams in my head.

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