Sunday, May 7, 2017

Badger badgers and rabbit poo.

Right, so I've got to go into hospital next week, for intensive physio with the aim of getting a few steps out of me. If I can pull it off, I can get on Lemtrada. This drug is pretty hardcore, so fingers crossed. I can have bilateral assistance from parallel bars as I attempt to 'walk'.  Olympic gymnastic hopefuls can sleep easy. Rio it won't be. The hardest bit will be getting my feet to part with the floor. And as I have no balance, I'm hoping not to fall flat on my face. I've even got some new pjs. Quite excited about that (the pjs), and that I may achieve 'walking'. If I do manage it = a green light for the quality drugs. And I will be escaping from hospital for one night only, to see Russell Brand on tour, NOT personally, you understand. Anyway, I'm not too hopeful of this walking challenge being achieved, but hey, I've got to give it my best shot.

The little man and the good man have just got back from mini beast hunting in the woods. The highlight of his trip was all about the rabbit poo. A life with boys, is different to a life with girls. Mostly. Although 'rescuing' frogs from drains featured quite regularly, in our girly days. As did feeding badgers peanuts (this was me). Until my neighbour asked me to stop as the badger was filling their drain with crap. He had a lovely story about badgers. He used to work at a place that was in the middle of fields, and one evening he heard a squealing screaming noise, that he went on to investigate........only to find a badger peeling a hedgehog alive. Nice. So envisioning me or my girls getting eaten, I promised to stop. It's that kind of sacrifice that enabled my girls to stay alive. My girlie quota has gone from four down to one, and she's off to university soon. And then what?
The female to male quota will be 1:2.5 the .5 being the neutered dog.
Our dog, the .5, is called Badger. Please don't confuse him with hedgehog peeling badgers they are viscous, my dog is not. He's lovely.


  1. Wonderful writing Ellie, well done. Ray. x

  2. This is interesting. I had been told that my vertigo was to do with fluid in my middle ear. Not so! MS has got into my brain.