Monday, March 24, 2014

On Friday I did something that I'd said I'd NEVER do. I went out with a friend to a shopping centre and I used a mobility scooter. And it was AWESOME! And so was my driving actually....apart from when I hit a wall. And got stuck in a lift. Hey ho.

But it meant that I could go to more shops, look at more things, and just generally not get so knackered! Normally, I use a wheelchair, and wheel myself. And despite the fact that my chair is light, comfy and turns on nothing, it is still so very knackering!

I went alongside the canal (there was a wide flat path, but it still felt a bit risky!) and out for lunch, and I was basically grinning the whole time! It was a sunny day too, which made it for me. Scooter + sun + leather jacket + new purchases = freedom and smiles! Now I've broken the back of my scooter fear, I'll be doing it again. It took me quite a while (years actually) to accept that I NEED something like that in my days. It's not what you picture yourself needing EVER, is it? And I did fight it. But at the end of the day, getting out and about wins hands down.

The only thing that confused me was that I noticed there was a difference in how people were towards me. On the scooter I found that people were more chatty and like the scooter was invisible...I was just me....What's that all about?'s to the next outing!

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