Saturday, March 29, 2014

This weekend saw that homosexual people can get married. On reading a bit around this topic, I was surprised and shocked to read of some opinions that were anything but supportive. But then again, I wasn't surprised at all.

As far as I am concerned, if two people want to commit to a life together, then go right ahead. It's no business of mine, or of anyone's. Marriage is does not need to be differentiated because of the sexuality of the couple. People that are committed to one another, and a life together, is good for everyone. We all stand to benefit. We cannot divide or ostracise a section of our community if we all want to live happily and peacefully. But we cannot help ourselves, can we? We have historically always ostracised some section of the community. Wether it's because of gender, race, sexuality or ability someone always gets it in the neck. And who benefits from this? Because it always results in trouble, disharmony and unsettled communities.

The one good bit of reading I did come across was by Sandi Toksvig.....she knows what she is talking about from personal experience. You can read it here.....

In my reading, I looked for ridiculous laws, and found that in France it is illegal to call a pig Napoleon. There was no mention of eating it though, so I guess that is fine.
I don't know how true this is, but it made me laugh.

It has also been mentioned that wedding cards have upped their game. This said by a friend who was attending a wedding today. Good good, long may things continue to improve.

Now, I have the house to myself, so I best go. I plan to eat crisps, drink Ame, and listen to Elbow. Enjoy your weekend.

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