Friday, April 11, 2014

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Curtis.

Yesterday I went to a wedding. I had been getting in a right pickle about going, because I would have to go in my wheelchair and I HATE going out in it, because sometimes, the wheelchair is all that people see. And it's not the best talking fact, it can at times be seen as a barrier to people. They don't talk to you. And I'm guessing here, but I suspect it's because of,

A. People really don't know what to say or how to be........'Do I say anything about the chair? Why is that person in it? Can I ask? Would that be rude?' So then they opt to say, nowt.

B. People are scared that either the person in the wheel chair won't understand them, or they won't understand the wheelchair user, so then again, they opt to say, nowt.

C. Or people read the Daily Mail, and they suspect you of benefit fraud, and whilst they admire your attention to detail, they don't want to associate with a criminal. So then they opt to say nowt.

So the first mini melt down was had, and I gave myself a talking to. As did the rest of my family. Sorted. The day arrived and the weather was beautiful. The good man and I knew what we were wearing, we had all day baby sitters (big sisters), and we knew where we were going.

I just had time for a second melt down, an hour before leaving.
MY DRESS DOES NOT DO UP OVER MY BOOBS!!! SHIT! So this sees me wearing a different dress that I love, and it fits me well, but it struggles to be a respectable wedding length when you sit down. SO, NOT A GOOD COMBO WITH A WHEELCHAIR! Ah well, it will have to do. And so we leave.

We arrive at the beautiful destination and I SNAG MY TIGHTS! RIGHT ON THE FRONT OF MY THIGH! And with my dress riding up as I'm in the wheelchair IT'S ON FULL DISPLAY. As I'm sure, is my lady garden.

The place was totally accessible, with a disabled loo, and this combination makes for an easy day. It was just unfortunate that every time I needed a wee, so did the good man. So to anyone paying attention, it would have looked like I needed help to use the loo. Or, more likely actually, that the good man needed assistance. Independent emptying of both bladders was had. And back to our table, where I challenged everyone to a Wheelchair Challenge.

The route was set. Start on the patio, down the little lip, over the grass, round the tree, and back up the grass, and back on to the patio to finish. It would take 20 seconds to walk the route, over the grass that walkers would observe as flat, but wheelchair users would notice as bumpy, lumpy and sloped. And that little lip transformed into a mountain face. Happy with my route, I took up my place on a garden chair and watched the games begin. Like a Roman Emperor.

It was really interesting actually. About seven or so people took part, with varying levels of intoxication, and competitiveness, but all with the same level of enthusiasm. The winner completed the route in 1 minute 40. The prize was the glory felt by the winner, and the admiring looks from the losers. Good work Joel.

A fantastic day was had. And I'd like to say thank you to Phil and Emma for sharing their day with us. Best wishes and big love to you both for a cracking future. You kicked it off well with an awesome day. Xx

Me and the Good Man before leaving, taken by my lovely daughter


  1. thank you for sharing your experience and letting us know a little of your life . Best wishes

  2. ...and a great photo by your girl xx

    1. Thank you Lola! And thank you for commenting, sorry for the delay in replying.