Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My feeling was sadly not one of surprise, when I read that a Town Major had had to resign from his position, for making offensive remarks about disabled people. To quote, 'Are we still letting those Mongols have sex with each other?'

Deep, cleansing breath and......


Does he include himself in that statement? And he's hoping to get lucky? Is he trying to find out if he has a chance?

I, as a disabled person, would rather boil my head, than share time, conversation or bodily fluid with someone so ignorant.

And also what's with the 'letting?' Is he in charge of who ruts who? Is he a self appointed sexual prevention officer?

I tell you what this smacks of. Nazi eugenics. Is he thinking of forced sterilisation? Like the enforced sterilisation of an estimated 400'000 people in 1939? By 1940 the hospital beds were needed for the soldiers of the second World War. So this then deemed that a 'final solution' was found for the 70,000 people with mental impairments. That final solution was the death of all those people, 'with lives not worth living.'

Now, you may think I've made a bit of a leap here, comparing Mayor Nick Martin's comments with Nazi eugenics, but I don't think the leap is that large. It's this kind of opinion, that's hidden behind a public mask, that makes it all the more dangerous.

He should watch himself. Because he has clearly displayed that he is somewhat lacking on mental clarity. And because of that, he could well end up on the undesirable short list himself.

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