Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer is well and truly here, and as such I have lavender in pots in the hope of helping out the bees we need, and a beautiful hanging basket, and the garden has been trimmed and tidied. And it's looking pretty lush. Which is good, because The Little Man likes to play jungle, and now his pathways are clear to do exploring, AND the whole family is descending tomorrow. Best make sure the paddling pool is ready then.

I love getting out in the garden, but sadly I need help now to do so. The garden is sloped. Not much, but enough for a wheelchair user. And I LOATHE being pushed. So anyway, The Good Man came back from work, with some ramps, so I could access the garden by myself. BONUS! And I have done! Brilliant!

And then…..a friend came over, so we went in the garden. Paddling pool, Little Man, ramps. Let's go!
I don't know what happened, because I have used the ramps countless times, but ……..I tipped back and BANG! went my head, elbows and my back between the shoulder blades. Christ on a bike… bloody hurt! And my poor friend could see it all happening, probably in slow motion, so she ran down to where I lay, with my knickers on show, feeling very winded and like the back of my head had caved in.

So, fast forward to the next day, and my head and elbows feel better. However, the same cannot be said for my back and neck.

The sun is still doing it's thing, so I tried again today…..SUCCESS!

However, summer, and the sun, is a double edged sword for those with MS. The sun gives you vitamin D, which is excellent, and helps your body regulate the immune response, so helping to reduce your relapse rate, but keeping cool is paramount, due to something called Uhthoff's phenomenon. This sees a worsening of symptoms, due to your core body temperature rising by as little as 1/4 of a degree, and in me, presents itself as a boneless lump, sort of a mess really. Well, that's just shyte then.

Best go and get sorted for tomorrow. There's shopping to be done and family to feed.

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