Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's that time again, where I drive my family mad, with my bleatings of  'but what shall I write?' And there is so much around at the moment…..


I mean, what the hell? A friend summed it up with the words, 'Say a group of people were constantly throwing bricks through your windows, slowly moving your garden fence closer to your house and no matter how many times you screamed for help, no one would come….. '

Anti-gay laws.
Shootings in America.
Missing planes.

…..and whilst these are worthy of attention, they are worthy of so much more than anything I've got to say. 

So, sticking closer to home, I am so happy to report that my 3 eldest girls are planning to raise money for the MS Trust, by cycling from London to Paris. At the moment they don't have bikes. Well, they do, but they're rusty, flat contraptions not worthy of riding down the road. But, they have over a year to prepare. And luckily, we have people around us with very useful knowledge, that are making themselves available to offer help and guidance. So, BIG THANKS to you all! I'll keep you posted on how it all goes……

And the other day me, as director of operations ;) and my youngest girl, cleared out the shed. The shed was a bit like a Tardis, and as it's guts were spilled on to the lawn, I found myself wondering how it all fit in there. And why have I kept 25 or so paint cans? And WHO decided to keep a bit of broken pipe? The car was filled for a tip run, order was restored and we celebrated with an ice-cream on a good job well done. It was a really sunny day, and don't ask me how, but I burnt one leg. One leg! How?

What's really caught my eye in the papers, is the fact that Alison Lapper is back in the headlines. For those of you that need a reminder, she is the lady that topped a plinth at Trafalgar Square, as a pregnant, naked model, for the artist Marc Quinn. He made a statue of her, and as Alison has been born with no arms and shortened legs, she is not your 'classic' model. The image challenges, and makes you think. Much like Alison herself… can read her interview on 2/08/14 here:

There seems to be support for parents of disabled children, but not so much support for parents that are disabled, and as a result 'we're being watched, so we have to be 150% better than everybody else.' Says Lapper, and I couldn't agree more. And regardless of anybody watching and waiting for me to fuck up, I know I'm doing a good job.

And I have a happy little man, a girl willing to take on the shed, and girls prepared to cycle to Paris, as a result. Who could ask for more? 

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