Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Surprise! Rejection and plans.

It's only 10.30am here, and so far my day has been a mixture of surprise, rejection and plans. Let me break that down,

Surprise = waking up to find yourself wearing pjs that you'd forgotten about. This covers 2 forgetful episodes,

1, I forgot I had them. And I only bought them 2 weeks ago.
2, I forgot what I had chosen to wear to bed last night.

Rejection = little man going to nursery and he's saying 'Bye mummy.'
I say quite reasonably, 'Bye! Have a good time! Can I have a kiss?'
'No mummy. Later.'
As sad as this makes me, I will NEVER force this. Children need to know that they can choose who, how and where they kiss or hug anyone. I'm sure most people have a back catalogue of memories of being told to kiss this or that person......usually a relative, sometimes one you rarely see. And this sets bad form.

'Your body isn't yours to decide what to do with.'

Luckily for me, my family, including the extended family, are always a joy to see. Sadly, this isn't the case for everyone, and most victims of abuse will 'blame' a relative, or someone known to the family.

'Give me a kiss.' I curse myself every time I say this, but remember in time to say, 'Ok' when the answer is 'No'

Fair enough.

Plans. We have moved house. About 6 months ago. And really there is very little we would change. BUT THE BATHROOM DOOR IS A MUST!! I can't remember if I already wrote about this, so bare with me, if I'm on repeat......our bathroom is tiny, and the door opened into the bathroom hitting the toilet and the sink, leaving about ten inches for you to squeeze through. Sideways. This would be fine, but not if you have feet, or lady lumps. And if you collapse, your slumped mass of a body prevents anyone opening the door to help you. So yeah, that happened, and The Good Man took the door off.

So today, a couple of good all rounder blokes came round to chat about the best way to get the bathroom door back on. And that will make the teenage daughter VERY HAPPY. But no door HAS sped up her shower time, so I'm ok with no door. As I'm sure the local water supply is equally as happy.
She will most likely drain the resevoir by the end of the year now.

Good to chat to you all again, and I promise to pull my finger out, and write more often.


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