Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Light v's dark.

Today has been a bit of a rubbish day. I have a cold, a throat that feels like I've been downing shards of glass and I have face ache. All that can be summed up as a cold, but layer it on top of being spaztastic, and your body gives up a bit. Floored by a cold? Yep. And I feel more than a bit feeble.
Still, on the plus side the little man spent the day at nursery, and the good man was out and about, sorting out horses teeth.
One of my girls came over and hovered, and rearranged my kitchen.....which made me think of my mum, who hoards bloody Tupperware and old margarine pots 'because you never know'......and to be fair she does put them to good use, but a whole cupboard full mum?
Anyway, so back to me.......I've been lolling about in bed and I was thinking about all the many changes of late......
.....a new home😍 a new area.
.....a new nursery for the little man

.......and I also realised that I haven't read for AGES! So I ordered myself a couple of books. From the comfort of my pit. Which is an AMAZING thing to be able to do. Honestly...the generation below won't get how awesome this is!
And staying on the subject of reading, I read to my little man at bedtime. Well, I attempted it, but he wasn't really intrested. But to be fair, I do sound odd, so it could have been that. This is normally a routine that daddy undertakes, and as my little man kept calling me daddy, I realised I need to read to him more. Or it could have been that his sister was here.....the one that throws him about, and he loves her for soon as he sees her he says 'boing?' and gets himself into position for the attack that he hopes comes.

And I discovered through a group chat on what's app that 3 of my girls had a scary moment a few years ago....icy roads + car + young driver = something may go tits up. Anyway, needless to say they were all fine, but now I'm thinking how I can split them all up.....I mean, you don't put all your eggs in one basket do you? Well, in this case it was 3/4 of my eggs, but still....

Anyway this gave rise to me thinking about the very recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The loss of all those people, are going to be felt so keenly by the families that will forever have a shadow in it, and over it, left by those gone forever. I had never given much thought to weight of shadows.  Most shadows are cast by light playing with the presence of something. But these shadows are created by the loss of someone and I would imagine all light is absent.

Carrying around a shadow created by loss, I imagine is hard work, with the potential to make everything dark and cold. I hope those shadows get filled with love, happy memories, light  and warmth. 

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