Monday, June 6, 2016

Support and scaffolding.

Today I took my boobs shopping for some much needed support. I found some really pretty scaffolding not too far from home, which suited me, as when it comes to shopping, I like to go in, get it, get out. I cannot be bothered with traipsing around shop after shop, whilst my soul slowly dies. I say this, knowing full well that a bathroom cabinet waits for me in the shopping hellhole that is Ikea. I may stab myself in the face by the time I reach the beds. But at least I'll die in moderately priced comfort. And that will be the full stop to the wheelchair friendly extension. Internally anyway. The garden still looks like a bit of a shit hole. But it won't take too long to sort it out. She says, hoping that she learnt her lesson, the last time she spent a sunny day in the garden, and burnt one leg. Yep. That's right. One. One leg.
The only minus to living here, is the twat that likes to thrash the hell out of their moped and it's hairdryer engine. I dream of hiding behind a car with one of those stinger things. Do you reckon you can get them on Amazon? You can get pretty much anything on Amazon. Oh I'm going to have to look now aren't I? Back in a bit......
No, you can't. The good man, and daughter no 3 thought that the police wouldn't allow it. Fair enough.

I tell you what's not fair, enough or otherwise, and that is that it's 4.30am and I've not had any sleep yet. Why? WHY? Those bloody chickens up the road will be starting up again soon. And I won't want to sleep tomorrow as The Little Man has a day off nursery.
And before I know it he'll have started school. And I'll miss him. I've never had just one child before. Well, I have, but the 6 minutes between twin 1 and twin 2 don't really count in the great game of parenting.

I was lying down for a start.

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