Monday, September 26, 2016

Errr....was that it then?

So is that it then? Summer's over? It's gone all wet and cold. And I'm not best pleased. Especially as I cracked out my boots, only to discover I've lost flexibility in my feet. Not a problem when you're wearing flip flops or converse, as I have been (I was going to say 'all summer' but as that equates to two weeks, I won't.)Flip flops and converse don't require anything of your feet. And this is something  I hadn't thought of, well I did when a friend of mine who knows about these things, told me to keep my ankles flexible. And I did. I'd stand with the balls of my feet on the edge of a step, and drop my heels down. Then we moved, and I was in a wheelchair more and more, and I just forgot. But I'm going to bloody well start again! I have three pairs of boots that I was really looking forward to being re-united with again, so I better try to get some flexibility back. Either that, or it's flip flops though the winter. No thanks.

So anyway, that was a gift from ms that I could do without, but hopefully one that can be reversed. My calf muscles will have been shortened, due to lack of use, through not walking. So I just best make them longer then. The whole not walking thing is a pile of shyte. But I think I said that last time. Yep, well, it's still shyte, with a nice fat cherry (representing the boots) on top.

Plus, I can't really be buying boots, when I've got a wedding dress to buy. Not for me, obviously, I have The Good Man, but for one of the girls. But, then again, maybe I will get the boots, to go with my leather jacket, that she's banned me from wearing to the wedding. She's quite petite, I'm sure we could cobble together a dress out of something. My beautiful white tablecloth perhaps?

Anyway, I've got my dress already. Mother of the bride n all that. And no, I won't be wearing a hat. Anyway, my's coral, and was in the sale. Not one, but two jackpots hit. I fell in love with it, so a purchase was made. Ching Ching. Another jackpot hit. The holy grail of clothing buying hit. In the ching! favourite ching! Loved it....CA CHING!!

I've got the grand total of nada planned for this week, until I hit Saturday. Then it's a pub lunch with two friends. One of the hard core few, and his girlfriend. So let's hope I've sorted my calf muscles enough, to wear a pair of my lovely lovely boots. (Falling in love with them even more, now I know I can't wear them!) Still, five days of stretches to go!! I'll be sending up a prayer to the goddess of beautiful boots, and asking her to flex my calves and ankles.

I'll let you know how it goes.....

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