Friday, September 2, 2016

Friends and leaders. Or not. Depending on your view point.

Today has been Thursday, and as such, my friend was here for the day. She comes over every week to help me out, or take me out, and to spend time with The Little Man. As she has been both a nanny  and a nurse, she is well suited to helping us out. Plus, I used to work with her, so I know her work ethic. She is one of a group of us that have been revolving around each other, through work and kids, for the last 20 years. Shit. Is it really that long? Am I really that old? Yes. And yes.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but it does somehow. I remember laughing, (kindly, of course) at a friend of mine telling me how she'd disagreed with her husband over her age. He'd made her older, by a year I think. Anyway, she wasn't having it, and a calculator got bought into the argument, (for clarification purposes) He was right. I think she cried. When she told me the sorry tale, I'm afraid to admit, that I too cried. With laughter.  However, fast forward a number of years, and I too struggle to remember my age. I know what decade I'm in. It's the units I struggle with. No such problem for my five years younger husband. He just adds five to his age. When he starts to forget his age, we'll both be screwed.

Today I was reading about Trump. Now he's one scary sod, isn't he? Or laughable. Or he would be if people weren't listening and agreeing with him. The wall? WTF?? He's racist, homophobic and misogynistic. And just an all round dick. Saying Mexico will pay for the wall? I'm sure they would if it guaranteed that the arsewipe that is Trump couldn't get in to Mexico. And he lies. He contradicts himself over and over. AAAAAARRRRRGGHHHHH! AMERICA! Please don't let that man be President. I know nothing of Clinton. Mrs that is. And, to be fair, all I know of Mr is that he fancies himself, and that he's not too sure what having 'sexual relations' entails.

Well, I think I'd better go, and read up on Thrilliary. And actually, I find myself more interest in Americas presidential debate, than our (the UKs) PM debate. I need to sort that out. I read up on the candidates before I vote. But that's it. Once the voting is done, and the votes have been counted,  it's too late to read up then. We are stuck with whomever. Marvellous init?

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