Saturday, August 5, 2017

Swimming, tubing and dating.

I feel completely floored by MS today. I haven't yet managed to even sit up, let alone get up. I can tell   MS to do one. It's not welcome here. But it just laughs in my face, as it carries on being destructive. ARSEHOLE.
My upper body strength has always been good, and self propelling whenever I'm in my wheelchair, has helped to maintain this. But I'm starting to lose the strength and my grip. And frankly, that's terrifying. I had to ask my friend to push me the other day, and I felt like I was going to burst into flames. She's an easy person to ask for help, but still, it does not come easy.
The saying 'use it or lose it,' does not apply's more 'used it and lose it', Blimey, I swam to France and halfway back again. (In a pool I mean, it's A LOT of miles to swim, and there's too many stories of dead animals floating from the people who've swam the channel proper! Mostly sheep. And a dog.) And now I can't swim! I've lost the ability to float. HOW? Really. HOW? Being able to float is something that just happens. So I guess loosing it just happens too.

Remember my hole punched belly? It's almost healed and it does make having a wee SO EASY! Good decision well made!
Well, until I think about beach holidays. I've still got a length of tubing to incorporate into sunny days clothing. It's about eight or nine inches long and about five millimetres in diameter, so not so bulky that it prevents me doubling it over, and putting it in the top of my knickers.
I am thankful that I'm not trying to mesh together the supra pubic catheter and a new relationship! Can you imagine a newly met beau furtling around in your lady garden, and they come across something that normally shouldn't be hose? Yeah, so see? I guess you'd talk about it early doors, preferably before you're getting it on.

So there you have it, dating advice from me to you. If you're attempting to date whilst you have a chronic condition, be honest and upfront about it. If they leg it, they're not worth it. But generally,
on the whole, people don't scare so easily. Between husband one and two I dated a handful of people, and introducing MS was fine.

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