Friday, April 6, 2018


As I seem to naturally gravitate towards Scandinavian tv I thought maybe I should learn some. I picked Norwegian, and I am sad to admit that after four whole days, I’m not fluent. I’m better at understanding the written word, than I am at understanding the spoken word. It sounds similar to German, which I didn’t learn that at school (favouring French and Spanish, both of which I passed, unbelievably, if this effort is anything to go by. My brother told me many moons ago, to do German, and I’m regretting ignoring him now. AND I’ve never been to Spain, so what do I know? As it turns out, NADA. RIEN.
INGENTING. NICHTS. NANI MO (my favourite­čśéthe only thing you can do with Japanese is love it)
It would also seem I’m a fan of anything featuring a dead body. These bodies would preferably be the work of fiction, and not a slasher film.

I think my friends must think I’m a bit of a political nutter. You know when you’re stumbling over your words....? Me; “You know, pretty lady, lived on a narrow boat, had been at a meeting, got stabbed when she came out. You know!!? What’s her name...?” Out come the phones. JO COX!!
And at the other end of the spectrum, a man, I can only think to describe as a rascist, homophobic C***. Ah, my mum would be so proud. Anyway, his name escapes me again. TOMMY ROBINSON. Ugh, that feels so awful in my mouth. I shudder.

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