Friday, March 30, 2018

Interlinking circles.

Following a mini catastrophe, my very best friend popped over. And gave me her bracelet. LIKE I SAID I LOVE HER. For the bracelet, obviously, and her time, that she freely gives. When my first husband and I split up, it was her spare room, that I inhabited. I love her and her family.
However, she made me feel OLD.

Turns out, the boy I baby sat once or twice ONLY HAS RELEASED A SONG, THAT I THINK’S BEAUTIFUL. But like I said, I’m old. And with that I started a new moisturiser routine to prevent crumbling away.

Check the song out; Bruno Major, Easily. It’s beautiful. He’s my big girls cousin.....AND, he’s beautiful. I remember he was a really good boy, no bother.

Talking of no bother, that’s what my legs aren’t. And I can’t work out why the bit of my body that’s mostly numb, and frankly fucking useless, if I hacked them off I wouldn’t miss them, AND there’d be a significant weight loss. Pass me that saw ;) Every cloud ‘n’ all that.

And earlier today I was holding my ladyshave (which was still on) and resting my head on my hand
An oops, if I didn’t get a clump of long blonde hair. My little man asking me if I was shaving my beard, like daddy, will fondly be remembered as a new low. Tomorrow sees Mr and I going out with the Little Man, to eat all things Easter.......Eggs, obviously, hot cross buns, and I can’t think of anything else?? Lamb? I think that’s it, for Easter themed food.

Enjoy. ❤️

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