Tuesday, June 4, 2013


And goodness me if they aren't sleek, comfortable to hold, and comfortable to walk with! And.....

PLAIN BLACK!! with a sheen! Needless to say.....I'm chuffed to bits. And I know they'll be great when I'm out and about and, importantly, they'll go with whatever I'm wearing. Clashing? Not anymore, thanks! They are the perfect spacka accessory.

Accessories when you are disabled are generally ugly. It's as though all the design effort is used up and there are only the dog ends left by the time it gets to us. And, I have been told, by a 'caring' professional 'it's not about what you want, it's about what you need.' Are they mutually exclusive when you're disabled? And I do know I NEED adaptions, but can't I have a choice and a say in what they are? Able bodied people do. Seriously, would you let anyone in to paint without even choosing the colour?

I DID NOT have a say in getting multiple sclerosis, and this makes me even more determined to have a say about what I need. I am best placed to know that need. And this takes me back to the crutches. They're crutches, and there's no changing that, but it was possible to change the design to a way that suited your personal taste. Colour or pattern - you could choose ANYTHING! Because at the end of the day, we are all individuals. And this should be welcomed, catered for and celebrated, whether you're able bodied, or less abled.

And so my crutches mean I can walk, and keep me steady, but they are also remind me that I do have a say and they remind me that I am an individual. Plain black would not be everybody's choice, but it is MY choice. And I am happy with that.

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