Friday, May 31, 2013

choices choices.

I remember, back in the day, agonising over the choices faced when shopping. Shoes, jeans, tops, bags. I was restricted, like most of us are, by price.

But now I find myself trawling the internet for the perfect crutches. They are elusive. Or so I thought, when I was faced with an incredible array of colours, sparkles and bloody butterflies. I mean there's no disguising them, they are never going to fade into the background, but I do not wish for mine to scream out loud either. Some people want theirs to be pretty, and there's plenty of choice out there, if this is your ideal. If, however, you want yours plain, you may run into problems. The vast array was making my eyes bleed.

There's so much to consider. Soft grip handles? Adjustable? Open cuff or closed? Diamante trim ( I'm not kidding.)


After much searching......Taa Daa! I found a pair! Black! ADJUSTABLE CUFFS!......They can be closed OR open! Soft grip handles that are REMOVEABLE and WASHABLE! The height is adjustable, as is the distant between the hand and the elbow. I feel like I've died and gone to spacka heaven. They aren't cheap sadly, it's costly to be disabled, but they will make my everyday a little bit easier. No more blisters, callouses, backache, or  crutches falling to the floor.

And they match my leather jacket and satchel. Happy ish days are here again.

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