Saturday, August 16, 2014

Today has been one of those days, that has seen me sleeping LOADS, needing a shower and missing out on family time. Whilst this is VERY annoying, it's because I've been doing stuff. Win some/lose some.

Two days ago The Good Man and I got the little man's room ready. The good man did the bulk of it, so  I probably shouldn't blame my knackeredness on that.

Then yesterday I went out with friends for afternoon tea at a beautiful place near me. The scones were out of this world, especially piled high with jam and cream, but the best bit is just chatting with friends and being treated as a 'normal'. When I am with them, it seems that my wheelchair is just an accessory, and a valued one at that.

Last night we were visited by friends that I went to art school with. It's always good to see them, and reminisce about the old days. They both work in the art world, but more importantly, they're HAVING A BABY! And brilliant parents they will be. Lucky baby!

I was hardly being a crazy party animal, but today has been spent in bed. Ridiculous init? And as I write this post, I'm in my pjs and in serious need of a shower. LUSH.

Whilst I know I'm blessed to have friends, and people to do stuff with, I really hate the consequences.
Back in the day, I was ALWAYS busy. And I miss that. I spend too much time on my own NOT doing stuff, and it drives me crayzeeee. I need to make a plan. Because I'm driving myself nuts. But what to do…….?

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