Friday, August 22, 2014

Today, we thought we'd get up and out. We had until early afternoon, and the world was ours for the taking until then. So, we headed to a local art gallery to see an exhibition called The Best Is Not Too Good For You. As is customary, we decided before entering to select a favourite piece. This really gets you to LOOK and really SEE. And by chatting about your choice, it adds another layer too, y'know?

Surprisingly, or maybe not ;) we both chose the same item, that being an Anti-Slavery Medallion from 1795 'Am I Not A Man And A Brother? ' It was about the 3 cm in diameter in size, so small, but it packed a punch. It will be in my head for some time. If not, for ever.

I was an Art student, back in the day, and my work was picked to be exhibited at the same gallery, and I felt SO PROUD! And I still am. I need to re visit this dormant part of me. WAKE UP!!

Maybe this is one of the reasons why the medallion hit a chord. Somebody else reminding that a person's colour is nothing of note. Segregation was based on skin colour alone. Maybe this is why it hit home. I identify with a struggle to be seen as a whole person. I get overlooked. Not everywhere is welcoming to me. I have to PROVE my worth. And my worth is more than my wheelchair. Sometimes, my chair is all people see. Sometimes, colour is all people see. Neither of those attributes make the person.

And then we had lunch in a place that has now witnessed the little man having a strop. Well, he is 2. And we witnessed the weather go from sunny to not so sunny in no time. Which was nice. Anyway, back home in time to meet the man who is changing the door in the little man's room. And not before time! You know those jobs that just hang round, patiently waiting for you to pull your finger out? Yeah well, I have a little list, and the door is just the start…..

So anyway, the best bit about today was that I wanted to go to the gallery, and I did, and it was accessible. This may not sound like much, but it is. There's a world out there, and I want to fill my boots with it.


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