Sunday, October 5, 2014

We had a family birthday to celebrate today, so after we'd snacked on the traditional, but crap party food, y'know….crisps, pizza, jelly and ice-cream, we all headed to the park. I had my scooter, and kids lining up to have a go on it. I still have tell-tale chocolate crumbs on the foot plate from last time Frankie! So it was more than ok to have a go, and one of my girls showed me how I could push the little man on the swing and the roundabout, whilst on the scooter……cheers Annie.

Going across bumpy ground is a bit like being on a vibroplate. That's my ice-cream burnt off then. So that's one bonus. Others are:

1, Getting out, especially when it's a family day.

2, Enjoying, and feeling like "I am part of this group," as I wasn't sat on the sidelines, or worse still, at home and alone. Meh to that!

3, Sitting on a bench, enjoying the sunshine.

4, Watching the little man climb a fence, to look at the sheep. Wondering what was wrong with one of the sheep….some of the insides were outside (this ISN'T a bonus!) But he didn't seemed distressed… (Back to bonuses again…..)

5, Being grateful that I'm not a sheep. Especially THAT sheep.

Well, I better get banging the country drums on that sheep's behalf, otherwise a fox might have a good meal. My husband's family used to keep a small flock of sheep. ALWAYS move sheep inside to have their lambs. Outside, they are vulnerable to predators. A fox will eat a lamb as it's being delivered, and there is nothing the sheep can do. Horrid.

Some things don't mix. Foxes and sheep. Me and MS.

I do my best to get along with it, but really, I just wish it'd do one. I'm not cut out for this life. As it is, I feel like a predator is circling me, waiting to take me down, waiting for me to show a moment of vulnerability. Luckily, my fighting spirit is fortified. It is fortified by the love from the good man, the little man, my girls, friends and family. And this protects me from the circling predator. The predator is there, always there, but whilst I have the protection of others, I feel like I have shelter.

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  1. the last paragraph really wrenched at our hearts but also makes us very proud of you. We are so lucky to have you in our family xxx