Saturday, November 15, 2014

A girl can dream...

After a busy busy time of late, I'm pleased to report, that thanks to the help of our amazing friends, we have moved! Everything is in, and in it's place. So whilst the necessary building work is under way at our house, so we can sell it, I am viewing this as a six month holiday from reality. I have a garden I can get in to, and a loo, both downstairs AND upstairs…..What more do I need? And it is GLORIOUS here!! Tiny, but glorious. And now I have internet, and a phone, I can dip in and out of the world.

So, the building work has started, and already loads has been achieved. Now, if the building work could be completed, the house sold, and a new place bought and moved into, in time with our six month tenancy here ending……well, that would be AMAZEBALLS! I'm not asking for much really…..
And it would appear that I've left my writing mojo behind. It's probably packed away in a box of various bits and bobs….

I don't know if it's because I've kicked backed and relaxed a bit, but I am just chillin' here…..
I mean I look at houses on the internet…..the good man has been to the house that's undergoing a facial and backside uplift…..and it's looking great! But until it's sold there's not much more to do….except enjoy my time here….

Which is a little tricky when I've heard someone refer, correctly, in my opinion, to MS and all the varied and great joy it brings, as a prison sentence. A sentence that is life long, and is issued randomly with no crime being committed. At least sometimes MS behaves enough for me to get day release.

And that brings me neatly to my wonderings/wishings…….What would I do if I didn't have MS for a day? Well, call me crazy, but probably nothing grand….

1, Go for a walk, holding hands with the good man and the little man….on a beach! Or anywhere actually…...
2, Have a shower. Standing up.
3, Drive.
4, Go to the gym. Swim. Do yoga.

I AM ONE CRAYZEE MO FO. Now if I had a week I could probably be found on some beach in Cornwall….I LOVE it there…..I could just sit and look and think and look and look some more… so…..

A girl can dream…...


  1. Keep dreaming lady. This was a very happy and positive read... I loved it x