Monday, November 24, 2014

Sometimes people amaze you with their brilliance…..and right now I'm amazed with my girls. They have just organised and taken part in a 24 hour sponsored bike ride for the MS Trust. And it's all in preparation for their bike ride from London to Paris in 2016. London to Paris? That a bloody long way! But what an achievement that will be!

So right now I'm feeling pleased with my lot. I went over and saw them on the static bikes, and cheered them on. I chatted to people I'd known for a while and also to new people.

It's amazing what can be done when people pull together, and how it can make people feel. I'm sure the girls feel good, and so pleased. As do I :)

Thanks to……

*The Daventry Rugby club, for allowing the girls to hold the event there.

*The Training Shed for the loan of two exercise bikes.

*Everyone who gave their time and support, riding, sponsoring, supporting, providing refreshments.

*Special love and thanks to my girls, their partners and the good man.

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