Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Be grateful, feel lucky and share.


Yeah, so the title of this blog.....Be grateful, feel lucky and share......kind of sums it all up for me. So much so that I don't really feel the need to write this blog post.....ha, not goes like this.....

Be grateful.

So I've sort of come full circle first home for myself and my two girls, was a 3 bed roomed home now is a three bedroomed semi. And there has been many homes along the way. But where I am now, and my circumstances are a million miles away from my starting point. And for that I'm so grateful. Cos I mean, whilst I really appreciate the help I had to start me off in my first home, I did not appreciate that a man got murdered in his garden in my street, I did not appreciate my girls getting their toys stolen from the garden. And I did not appreciate a lack of sleep the whole time I was there. This was due to not feeling as safe as I did, when I lived with my parents.
But I am grateful for the opportunities I had here. EVERYWHERE was in walking distance! This kept me fit and independent. And I met my very best friend here. And we are still friends much so, she walked me down the aisle to the good man. And friends that guide you through stormy times, that never change, that are always there, and always honest, are priceless. And if they are also willing to inject me in hard to reach places, no matter how dodgy it looks, as I bare my arse in a corridor of a pub, that's hosting a quiz, that I am always wanted at, despite the fact that I can't answer one single question. And this makes me feel loved. And the fact that those people are still around, makes me feel so bloody grateful. You know who you are, and I love you.

And yeah, I do feel lucky! I may have lost some of my physical ability (walking mostly), and I may have lost my first husband, BUT whilst the first loss is more than a bit annoying sometimes I feel lucky, because it could've been, and still could be, so much worse. As for losing the first husband, turns out it wasn't a loss, and it cleared the way for bigger and better things.....

Sharing.......I get to share time with all my girls, their families, my little man, the good man, good friends, and even our hairy dog. I have enough people around me to make me feel grateful and lucky, because of what they share with me....their time......their ideas......their families.........their good times......and bad.

Despite the many difficult circumstances I've faced, it is friends that have made the difference between me sinking or swimming. But I am a strong swimmer, or was, and I didn't get bogged down for too long, thank feck.

And I confess to greed here, because I love it. ALL OF IT!


  1. Lovely lady. I only ever met you before the twins were born, but your physical beauty is now outshone by your inner beauty, strength and positivity. X

  2. Thank you so much Andrea! Those twins are now grown up ladies!
    Hope you're well.