Sunday, July 24, 2016


So, joy of joys, it's Sunday, and so far this last week, I haven't had to go to hospital! Hurrah! I've ordered garden furniture, and put the shout out for turfing to be done........the garden is  a bit like a dust bowl at the moment......
The bruise on the back of my hand has almost vanished and my feet are  SLOWLY, so bloody slowly, retuning to a normal size! For one horrific moment, I thought I was morphing into a lady with a housecoat, curlers and slippers. Some things you just can't style out.
It's 7pm and the boys are in bed, and I am too. The Good Man is out with his/my/our dog. He's really caught the sun (that'll be the plastic Italian in him ) and he looks really quite nice. Don't mind if I do......

At some point, we will have a house warming party, but preferably when the garden has been transformed from a dusty hell hole, into a thing of beauty, with grass, plants and some seating. I really can't wait!

Within the last wee while, it's all gone a bit mental in Europe.....Paris, Nice, a machete attack, Munich. Made all the more mental, when no one can answer 'Why?' People may have answers for WHY, but nothing, anyone can say, will make me say, oh, right, yeah, that makes sense. Because it doesn't make sense. And never will. We need to treat ourselves well, and other people too. Not always easy, especially if someone has been an absolute dick. We can but try, and sometimes that's all you've got. And it's better than nothing.

So, yeah, this comes as plea, to treat those around you well. And if someone doesn't treat you well, leave. If someone treats you badly, they will continue to do so, until you leave. What are you waiting for??

People and planting. They both need your time, and your care, to be the best they can be. Simple, really. 

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