Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fat to Fit? Here's hoping......

Anyway.......someone, an anonymous someone, sent me a beautiful bouquet! And as they are anonymous, I've been unable to say thank you personally. I asked the florist to pass on my thanks, which is better than nothing, but still, WHO ARE YOU? So, just in case the mystery person reads my words, I'll say a BIG THANK YOU!! THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!! You made me very confused, but happy. A weird combination of emotions.

The weather continues to be's all water fights and ice creams here. Did you see about water fight craziness in a London's Hyde Park? The police had to be called. Ours aren't THAT enthusiastic, but I can see how they'd get out of hand. Which the Hyde Park water fight did. No one gets stabbed or arrested at our water fights.

Our garden continues to not be beautiful. And another day has been spent watching the good man chip away. IT WILL be lovely.....just give us a minute. It's not vast, by any means, and that's ok. Better than ok really. The smaller the dust bowl the better at this stage.
And still, the little man finds that clothes are surplus to his needs. I hope this trend doesn't carry on when he starts school. Still, at least he'll be able to get undressed for P.E on his own.

I tell you something for nothing. I have two photos of olden days me, up in the bedroom (for inspiration)and whilst I didn't realise it at the time, my figure was amazing. And it was post three children. So, to olden days me, I say.......don't moan, as long as it works, it's fine. And if your body works there will always be something you can do. Even me. My arms work, so I could opt to use the wheelchair as much as possible. Sometimes I use the scooter when I don't really need to. And that's just lazy. And sometimes I use the wheelchair when the wise choice would've been the scooter, and I nearly kill my husband as I need his help to get up a steep hill. And sometimes we are just thick. Car to me, not me to car.

Welcome to operation Fat to Fit.

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