Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Third time lucky......

Do you know what? I've written a blog post twice now, and despite saving them as I go along, they've only bloody disappeared. The fact that I haven't launched my phone out the window, is proof that my patience is improving.

This Saturday, we have a pass to go out to play from our resident daughter. She's saving her pennies, for her girls holiday to Ibiza. We are heading to our friends, who have a new baby. I say new, he is compared to antique me, and he's been hanging around for one year now. So it'll be good to meet him. I would have more babies, but my husband says NO! And as I need his input, so to speak, I guess that's a no then.
There will be another couple there......BREWLIA! I love them dearly, so all in all, it'll be a good evening. I just need to find something to wear. So far, I've settled on flip flops. Well, you've got to start somewhere......
At the moment I can hear The Little Man practicing his negotiating skills re eating dinner in front of the TV. The Good Man isn't budging, which is causing distress, and sees The Little Man escaping to the garden. And now The Little Man is declaring that the dinner he chose is so yucky. The Good Man won that battle and he lives to fight another day/dinner/teeth brushing/bedtime. Endless entertainment, courtesy of our very own pint sized warrior. I hope he maintains his determined streak. Our job is helping him to channel it and to use it for good, and not evil.  

I need a shower as my hair is doing something quite spectacular, and I have toothpaste down one tit. So, I'll love you and leave you.....

Until next time peeps. Xx 

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