Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Having your abdominal wall pierced, (not pierced like body jewellery pierced, but pierced like stabbed) and a tube threaded into it, is part annoying and part brilliant. Annoying because it's still so sore, and because I am still adjusting me and my wardrobe to such an accessory. Because at the end of the tube, there is still a bag of my piss. And this is the hardest look, courtesy of MS I've had to rock yet. And I've had a few......

Part annoying...

1. Walking stick.

2. Crutches.

3. Wheelchair.

4. Cannula x lots.

5. Eyepatch.

I could cope with ALL of them, but this one literally takes the piss.

Part brilliant.....

I never have to worry about accessing a toilet AGAIN! Unless I need a poo, that is, but I'm not a daily pooer...........catastrophe awaits! Should you poo every day? So I looked it up on an NHS website. I'm that interesting.....anyway, there is a huge range of 'normal' from several times a day to a couple of times a week. So I just need to plot my individual poo map, so I know when it's safe for me to go out to play......like I said, I'm that interesting.

Part annoying.....

Nothing really. I just have to wait for it to heal. Then there'll be no more dressings stuck to my skin and pubes.
Ed Sheeran is so annoying. Especially when you've just listened to him, repeatedly, whilst The Good Man is on hold to somewhere and decides to put his phone on speaker. I think I may be out of the Ed Sheeran average age bracket for a fan. I'm ok with that. Because he. Is. ANNOYING.

Today is daughter number 4's birthday. So I best say adios, and go and clean and tart myself up. The Little Man is excited as he chose her birthday cake and he is looking forward to it, just a bit. Daughter number four complained that we didn't have the required number of candles, as we only bought a single pack of ten. Yep. Older than ten, (twenty) but still likes a good whinge on occasion.


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