Saturday, July 1, 2017

Water fights and BBQs

It's a Saturday, so the Little Man had a school friend round. They're playing in the garden, mostly with the water pistols. So The Good Man joins in and accidentally shoots the neighbour as she is mowing her lawn. To know my husband, is to know these accidental happenings. The Little Man is enjoying just wearing a T-Shirt. To know the Little Man is to know that for him, wearing clothing = to be overdressed.

I'm on countdown for going into hospital again. Just the one night this time. I think I can handle that.....and life after should be easier. And there's a Starbucks there too. That should help with the healing process.

Today's shopping experience comes courtesy of the need for a new charger for my iphone, and the desire/need for a denim jacket. Did you know you can get a denim jacket for £400, if you so choose, or if you're a bit stoopid? Needless to say, I may well be stoopid on occasion, but not THIS occasion. I could be loaded, and I'd struggle spending £400 on something I could get for £40, or less.

Do you know what? I've just realised I haven't read a good GOOD book in so long. For me, there needs to be blood and a body or two. I need to head to amazon....give me a min....

Book ordered, so excuse me if I disappear for while. Normal service will be resumed shortly.......
As it's tomorrow that I'm going to hospital, I thought I'd say something about it to The Little Man......his attitude was like 'Yeah, whatever.....' However, The Good Man said, 'Babe, I was going to tell him nearer the time!' And he's looking at me through the steam from his baked potato, like he married a monster...and I say, 'Nearer than tomorrow?'

I've just got home from 'my sleepover at hospital' as daughter number four phrased it to the Little Man. He accepted this with good grace/hint of boredom. Tomorrow we're having people over for a BBQ, to celebrate daughter number four's birthday. That's the plan anyway, but the rain/thunderstorm may have other ideas. We shall see.......

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