Friday, January 12, 2018

Bed hair and shitting it....

Well hello again! If feels like forever since I last posted a blog. So I apologise for being absent. But I was busy acquainting myself with a very nice doctor who gave me the amazingly effective antiemetic jab in my bum. I told my mum off for assuming the doctor was a man. She wasn’t. worked so quickly. And it stopped me from completely draining myself. 10/10 for drugs!! And the Good Man also gets 10/10, for not treating me like a lepper. I felt like one, and I wondered if I should ask one of my girls to paint a black cross on the front door AKA....signaling the Black Death resides beyond......

And blimey.....when I was typing ‘beyond’ I paused for a second, because I’m old and type sooooooo
slowly, anyhoo google thoughtfully suggested that This is how you spell Beyonce. And blimey again, I thought, that’s how you know you’ve made it! But then I’m guessing she already knows that.......

Right, you remember when I was being sick? ⬆️ Well, joy of joys it only went and kicked off a
mo fo of a relapse. I’m laying in bed, unable to sit up or roll over. My daughter gets married in two weeks and I am shitting it a bit in case I can’t get there....and if I do, I’ll be sporting the most magnificent bed hair. I would love a messy updo, so halfway’ve got to look for the gift* cheers for that mantra Nina.

So anyway, the main aim of tomorrow = HOSPITAL + DRUGS home and recover. I’ll have two weeks to kick this relapse in the balls AND GO TO A WEDDING!!

So yeah, I’m going to sleep now and I’ll be dreaming of I.V drugs and high heels and where oh where did I put THE bag for THE WEDDING!??

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