Monday, January 22, 2018

Today the whole family, the immediafte family anyway, of which I am their muvvaa, except one, was round for a roast! And very nice it was too. The master chef was no less than the resident vegetarian. He doesn’t mind cooking meat, just the thought of eating any meat makes him gag. He’s mighty fine in the kitchen, so no complaints from me. Well, maybe just one.....our son seems to eat an awful lot of sausages. As complaints go, it’s rather mild. However, sharing a bathroom with the WORLDS HAIRIEST MAN is slightly frustrating. It gets EVERYWHERE. I kid you not, 4 at a time in the soap. Thank you my love. Beautiful. As for the loo, I’ll leave that to your imagination. You’re welcome. And actually The Good Man is not that hairy at all. Just a little. Well, his forearms are kept bare, due to his job. Thanks horses, your teeth are doing a grand job. I thank you...

So calm yourself because I had an adventure! I went to hospital a few days ambulance!! And I left, 11 hours later, in the same state I arrived in....FML that’s 11 hours that neither I nor tootie will ever get back. God we could have gone out for the day, up London! Mental note made for next time
NB: Tootie=my friend and PA....we used to work together and my boy LOVES her, as do I and the dog, and Mr Elliott and all my girls! That’s a lot of love Tootie! I suspect the next trip out will be less eventful. Mind you, you can’t get less eventful than that day. I got a numb arse from being on a gurney with the thinnest mattress. But, still, I stand by what I’ve said about the NHS being fantastic. I  It was so very busy, but smiles (from staff) came easily, and they helped each other out. 

Midwifery can be bloody and noisy with tears of joy, and heavy tears of great sadness. But I miss it so badly.

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