Sunday, March 25, 2018

Birthday boy :)

Today has been a busy day. I’m now in bed with my legs buckled up, and there’s no one to help me.  Well, there is, but they are flat out, fast asleep. Lucky buggers. I just need someone to come and pull them straight!!

It’s The Good Mans birthday is on Saturday! PaaAaaarrRrrtTyyyYyy!!
The Little Man is full of secret plans and clever tricks* too, but because he only has a money box, and my mostly empty purse, it will be interesting to see how creative he can be.

Today’s been a good day.... it’s The Good Man’s birthday tomorrow. And I hope he enjoys it. He’s looking a bit done in at the moment.....proper knackered!! We have all the girls coming round......and various other family members too, and friends, his and mine.
The other good thing to happen today was that I bought Michael McIntyre tickets*. For the 11th of next month!! And that’s not many sleeps away. My daughter went to see him last night with her husband, Michael will be pleased to know he got the thumbs up.

I’m starting to hear movement upstairs. Why/how is it that I’m more excited? It’s like when the girls were teenagers and they were going out at Christmas and sleeping of hangovers on Christmas Day! Come on! Get up! Ooh movement is now downstairs! One excited little man/cake chooser just came skidding into my room to tell me, excitedly it was his dads birthday. Really? I was not aware. Come on now! Get up! I’ve even had a conversation with number 4, and her oldest friend, who’s visiting her. I’m friends with her Mum who sent a photo message to her the other day......wonders never cease...
It’s now 9 in the a.m and I want you to get up husband! Mind you, I did say he looked knackered didn’t I? So, take your time.
I don’t want a full on beard for my husbands birthday but my daughter is unwilling to assist in plucking, so it looks as though I need to rock a birthday beard.

*Turns out I’d only reserved them :( Which also turned out to be a blessing in disguise :) It clashed with one girl being in Prague. AND I’d got the wrong girls. My other two are hardcore fans and ones already been. Not that you can’t go again, but two tickets are cheaper than three. Weird. BUT I will not book them without daughter number one being next to me, with her diary. I’ve learnt my lesson. Excitement will trip you up big styleeee. 

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