Friday, March 16, 2018

Death by a thousand cuts.

So today was mother’s my whole brood descended for a roast, cooked by the Good Man again. Over the years he’s managed to perfect the skill. Good man.
I continue to gripe about the single bed. It is possible to get a double, but as I didn’t have to pay for the single, I think I’m supposed to smile and through gritted teeth say ‘mmm thanks a lot.’ I personally feel it would go a long way to discuss the double as an option and payment of because this whole thing has been like
                                                         DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS.
And one by one, those cuts mean that you lose your life force. And one by one those moments are lost. Like walking along holding hands. Like sitting on the sofa together, as we barely pay attention to a crappy film, and discuss our day. And do you know what, I’d dearly love to go for a walk, whilst holding hands, or with our little man in between us. Or or or, the list is endless.

A quick glance at today’s news, tells me that a nazi who worked at Auschwitz has just died. And can you believe there has actually been a fight over Charles Manson’s corpse? And a young boy died, at the hands of his dad’s girlfriend. Putin. Tory’s snatching food out of children’s mouths. It would be refreshing to balance out the ‘News’ with some good news. Well, I guess that Manson is now a corpse, is good. Givenchy. Syria.

I plan/hope to go shopping next week for bras....this makes me happy. I’m hoping to get some serious  lift and support that my 34b’s didn’t need back in my days of yoof.
It’s 3.30 in the am and I don’t feel sleepy. She says, just before falling asleep. Probably.
And funnily enough......I’ve been tired today. It’s 17.38 now and bloody hell, if I’m not done in. I want to go to sleep, but I’ll try and hold off for a while.

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