Friday, May 17, 2013

False economies.

False economies. I kid you not, they aren't worth it. Bin bags, loo roll, cling film. And the list goes on. I had a hospital appointment today and got home to an overflowing bin. I go to change it, and my fingers end up in the rubbish as the bag split it's skin, unable to cope with the pressure from the unwanted, damp, greasy remains.

Cheap loo really don't want your finger to burst through that!

Anyway back to the beginning.....

I've just changed hospital for all things MS. The last consultant I saw at my old hospital, talked to my husband, and not me, despite the fact that I was there. Right there. 'I'm your patient! You should be asking me your questions! I can answer them!' So that was what I was thinking. I was also thinking 'cheers bud, you've just made up my mind that I must move hospitals.'
My first idea to do this came as another consultant asked another patient loudly, in a room full of other patients, 'How is your urinary incontinence?' Christ on a bike mate......did you miss the common sense and sensitivity module? I could happily get paid a lot of money to be an insensitive twat.

So the new light and bright, as were all the people I saw. Straight forward common sense in shed loads too. They could see I needed help, and they offered it. Explanations and decisions were plentiful. And they were made quickly too. And this resulted in me feeling like I was in partnership. And WE were going to do the best we can.

It's a false economy to spend your time on people who are not going to help you be the best you can be. Doctors, partners, friends, and we are full circle back to the drains or radiators again.

I'm back with the radiators, and I can't tell you how good that feels.

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