Friday, May 3, 2013


Right, so confession time, just in case you missed the painfully obvious. I'm up and down. I'm angry at the loss that this monster has caused. I am grateful for the gifts
it has given me. I hate what it has done to me, but I love the lessons that I have learned. Crazy roller coaster and I want to get off. NO! WAIT! I want to go higher! I want to go faster! Ugh! I hate this. Can we just sit a while and enjoy the peace?

So, today I am giving thanks. I started the day with a phone call from a solicitor, offering help. THANK YOU! Two weeks until another fund raising event. That someone else has organised. Just because they can, and sadly because they understand. THANK YOU!

And then the post lady came. And she waited patiently for me, as she always does, to get to the front door. THANK YOU! A parcel containing prom shoes for my daughter, to go with the dress she has made, and it's beautiful. Clever girl. Bills. Flyers. A parcel for me.

I open my parcel to find a book called 'The tent, the bucket, and me.' by Emma Kennedy. I read the first page, and laugh out loud. Twice. The parcel also contains a home made cd. Complete with a home made book. This book contained the hand written lyrics of the songs, all of which had a bird theme. Birds, and what they symbolise, have a place in my heart that cannot be rivalled. This handmade book also contained bird facts, for example,

'When birds sing, their brains develop new neurones. Researchers hope that by learning how this happens, it can be applied to the human brain and used to treat degenerative brain diseases.'

I am typing as I listen to the cd. And it's perfect. And you, dear Dawny, struggle to be practical. And you are not perfect. But you are practically perfect and I would not change you. You are kind and thoughtful, even when life hasn't been kind or thoughtful to you. Don't ever change.

This post is dedicated to you in rock star stylee.

My bird tattoo, when it was first done, for my girls and me, back when that's all that was.

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  1. Oh Lorraine, so here I am in tears. What a beautiful post. Dawn was so excited to send you the CD, she put so much though into it. But you know that already. Wings be yours lovely lady x