Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yesterday I was in a bit of a fix. I was getting wound up at the way things are, and the way I'm doing what I can, and how it seems to no avail. I'm not getting anywhere. Helpless? Absolutely. We all know I have ms, and this brings it's own problems. And it is more than crap. What is really crap though, is that some of the problems I have, have been magnified by other people behaving so badly, and it's beyond comprehension.  However, what I must not do is get stressed about it all. MS and stress are not happy bedfellows, so it's best to keep them separated.

So realising I was a bit knarked to say the least, I rang a friend. Lucky lady. This friend tells you how it is. And packs a punch with the softest delivery. The most effective way to serve up the truth. Acknowledging that these things are unforgivable and tough to live with is enough. And move on. And that is what I'm trying to do. Big shits cast a long shadow. But you can't get shadows without the sun. And thankfully, I have that in spades too.

I plan to use those spades to shovel the shit away.

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