Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Goodness me, this MS shizzle is really kicking my arse, and I was starting to feel like I must be making it up. 1 or 2 posts ago I wrote about the MRI I had, and I've just had the results back, and YEP...I'm relapsing. See? I told you I felt shyte! So, confirmation I'm not making it up v's Oh this is a bit's not really supposed to happen on my drug of choice.

My old hospital kept telling me..."You're ok." I didn't believe it and I certainly didn't feel it. Hard to when you're in a wheelchair or on crutches, and you don't trust everything is being done.....  Feeling there must be more, this was one of the reasons why I changed hospitals, and that's where I had the last MRI done. The results = THEM calling ME to get me in for IV steroids. This is not a dream scenario, however, it is a dream to have actions taken on your behalf, and to believe those actions are in your best interest.

I've only had the foul tasting steroid tablets before. ( I was actually sick on top of the table......that's how lush THEY are.....BEAUTIFUL!) But this time I'm having them intravenously. So I asked my MS buddies for comparison feedback.....and the IV rates quite high!

I might be unsleeping, hyperactive, hungry, and quite chatty.....but I also may feel so much better. But hey....I'll risk it for a biscuit....probably a whole packet actually.

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