Friday, July 26, 2013

Today was my third day and last day of having IV steroids. They are amazing! It's the little things that count.....and these little things that I have noticed changes in, are little......but to me they mean so very much....

1, I had a shower today, without assistance, and without the board that goes across the bath to sit on....that's right people! I had a shower, all by my bad self, and standing up! I cannot remember the last time I did that, and it felt so good.

2, I was sat on the bed and I lent over and plugged my hair dryer in. No biggie you say? Normally, I struggle to even do this small task.

3, Whilst standing up, I feel more solid on my feet. I am still using the lush crutches or the wheelchair for distance, but it all just feels a tad easier,  y'know?

4, For the first time ever, I picked my speedy crawling boy up from the floor, and there are NO WORDS to describe how very good that felt. It's enough to say my eyes feel a little leaky writing about that triumph!

5, My friend took me yesterday, and so to repay her, I took her for lunch. And I did it without worrying about the access, or where the bloody loos were, and we just sat, chatted and enjoyed.

6, I had more friends call round last night.

7, All of these things add up to me feeling like a real person, and that is priceless.

Some of the not so good things.....

Horrible taste in my mouth, but hey, mints to hand and I can live with it.

Track marks up arm. Oh so very attractive, but I can style it out.

Being sent home with the most annoying accessory du jour.....

 wrapped up...

You win some you lose some, and on balance, I think I'm winning.

We are also winning on the sale of the wristbands. I am so proud that my girl had the idea....and they are beautiful. They are travelling well, on my behalf, getting to places and beaches that I am not, but I feel like a bit of me is there.

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