Friday, July 19, 2013

I've been writing 'Balancing on the edge' for three and a half months now, and as I hit nearly 6,000 page views, I thought I should take a moment to say hello, and thank you to all you readers. Blogger logs the country of origin for the page views, and you lot span the globe. Which I find amazing!

I started this blog as a way to air my frustrations at the way disabled people are treated. And as I've spent most of my life able bodied, I feel I can, sadly, draw the comparisons. And I have to say, on balance, being a spaz is beyond shyte. So, to be clear, I feel I could live with the monster that is Multiple Sclerosis, but what I find hard to live with, are the restrictions imposed upon you by an unthinking world, that makes you fight so hard for those things you don't want but NEED. It really flicks my switch.

So, back to giving of my girls came up with the idea of charity wristbands, to help with fundraising towards the disabled adaptions I need.

We worked together on them and she knew what she wanted them to say.....

'The good you do the good that shall return.'

I added a bird at the end of the text, and chose turquoise as the colour. We settled on the thinner width, and put our order in. When they arrived I was beyond happy! They look great, and as there is a reason behind each element we chose, they are personal too.  Can you imagine if I see someone I don't know wearing one? I think I'd be beyond happy!

So anyway, I digress....I'd like to say thank you again, to all of you who have read. Please feel free to share my words


  1. Hi Lorraine, how do we buy a wristband?
    Love and strength to you x

    1. Right! Third time lucky replying to you Kozza! At the moment it's tricky, until my fundraising account goes 'live', which is taking an age to set up! Then there will be paypal and all that,so it will be easier. No doubt I'll blog about it when it finally happens, so keep reading :)
      Thank you for your interest :)

      Be well.