Thursday, September 19, 2013

I have been deliberating about sharing this with you all, and I have spent 24 hours considering it, and I have come to the conclusion that I have nothing to gain by not sharing, and actually, as I type, it's becoming less of a deal. It's just what is.....

Yesterday morning I had an appointment with a neurologist and he, after a lengthy and thorough examination, and history taking, diagnosed me as having secondary progressive ms. Shit. I had thought this, but still, hearing it out loud from a neurologist.......

Hhhmmmm, ok, what now? As I'm still relapsing within secondary progressive I can stay on my current medication, an infusion called tysabri. This is most definitely a win some/lose some situation. For the first time ever, I thank the fairy of spack attacks because without those relapses, I'd be left high and dry, as there are currently NO medications to alter or slow down the effects of secondary progressive ms. Like I said...shit.

However, there is a tiny pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel I find myself in. There is a trial of 3 drugs about to take place. These drugs are already in use for other conditions, so are already known to be safe, and the 3 drugs are being trialled at once, so this is time effective. And time is important here. The longer things take, the more damage is done. The quicker drugs become available, the better.

On the plus side, things are coming together with regards to the football match that's taking place on my behalf. The crappiest photo of me ever was in the local paper to promote the game, and I'm on the radio on friday morning too.

So, what can be done, is being done, and you can't ask for more than that can you?

Still feels shit though.

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