Monday, September 16, 2013

Today my husband had the afternoon off. I love these times, but what do you think we did? We were checking out wheelchairs. As wheelchair shops aren't on every high street, we had to travel for an hour. When we got to our destination, I was welcomed by a slight incline, and then an automatic door. Good start! Beyond the door, lay wheelchairs galore....including ones for kids, and sport wheelchairs. Have you seen wheelchair basketball? Incredible, and a bit scary.....

Anyway, I told the man what I was wanting from my chair....lightweight, folding as small as possible, but beyond that I had no clue. He produced three for me to try, and Christ on a bike! Talk about lightweight! And they turned so easily! I never would have pictured myself smiling and laughing in a wheelchair, but I can honestly say it was a joy! I finally managed to whittle it down to which one I wanted to go for, (with some considerable help and reassurance) and then I got to choose the colour. Choose the colour? I have a choice? OMFG! This was definitely an easier task, and pretty enjoyable too.

The man that helped me out was also a wheel chair user, and incredibly helpful, and told me what to consider as my needs change. All of the staff, wheelchair users or not, were friendly and helpful, but most importantly treated me like a 'normal.' We had a bit of a joke around, and conversations where we discussed the typical and usual things of life.

I hope to goodness that the wheelchair voucher that I've applied for comes through, and goes some considerable way towards it, because these chairs are not cheap. But they are worth every penny. If you are a walking person, imagine for a moment that you cannot walk, and then you find something that makes your days easier. If you are a wheelchair user, you'll know what I mean.

I have a wheelchair, but it's old, clunky and so heavy. And is limited in what it enables me to do. It has a breakdown if you whisper 'slight lip' or 'uneven path ahead' to it. You know when you're a kid, and you have stabilisers on your bike? If you hit a dodgy bit of road or path, you can be peddling like crazy, putting all the effort in, and going nowhere. That's my wheelchair. I am not looking forward to getting back in it, especially after the ones I've tried out today.

So I'm crossing my fingers, and sending up a prayer and kiss to the goddess of free movement. And a nudge towards Rio, and the Paralympic wheelchair rugby team....

Well, a girl can dream......

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