Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Congratulations to me! Resolutions are going well so far.......ish.

1, Listen to more music......And right on time to help me out, Elbow release another album. I have pre ordered it, so that will be a good surprise in a month or two, when it plops on to the door mat. Guy Garvey is a bit of a genius, so he will always have a place in my heart. So until I get his latest offering I best get busy with the music that I already have.

2, Read more......I am cracking on with my new purchase. Purchased with these resolutions in mind actually, and with a desire to succeed, I chose Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling, and very good it is too. It is a novel aimed at a more adult readership than her previous incredibly successful offerings. I didn't jump on the Potter band wagon (unlike my daughter, who has extensive knowledge of all things Hogwarts).

Rowling and Garvey notice the little things, and report them back beautifully. Be they the heartbreaking or the ordinary things, the way they pitch those things is to make the ordinary extraordinary.

3, To get out more.....not an easy one, as I can't do this independently, but out I have been. The good man and I went out for lunch the other day, and I have plans with friends this week too, and the pub quiz to attend that's being put on on my behalf too.

4, To enjoy being in more......I had friends round last night....wine, crisps, chocolate and chatting. I've know those friends for an awful long time....pretty much a lifetime actually, and there is always news to share, and ideas to discuss.

5, To laugh more......hhhmmmm.....this is the tricky one, as despite the many good things I have, life is like a set of scales, and there is a bag of crap dumped on the scales, that is tipping the balance. MORE WORK NEEDED HERE.

6, To notice more......and with Garvey and Rowling as my inspiration.......how can I fail? It's the little things.....notice the little things, and verbalise them. I am fond of saying to the good man, the little things are the everyday glue. And we all need help in keeping it glued together.

7, Just be more........Doing all of the above and getting no 5 sorted, how could I be less?

I have also been continuing with the grand clear out. And I'm enjoying the space that this has created for me, my family, and my walking, inquisitive little man.

Here's to being more. Best get cracking on with no 5 then, and back to my book.....

Until next time....

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